3 on-the-go sweet tooth satisfiers in New York City

Hi all,

It’s hard to believe, but I’m already into my second week here in New York City. I remember a few months back, I was counting down the days and thinking the day I got on the plane to come here would never arrive. Crazy how things can change so quickly without you even having a chance to notice it.

As you will know if you’ve been following along here on the blog, I moved over here with my brother. We’ve been busy sending out emails and chasing up leads to try and find jobs in our fields (mine being journalism, his being urban planning) here as quick as we can, and that is one thing that is always going to be a concern until we get it sorted. But hopefully there is something just around the corner. We are incredibly lucky in that we have family here that we can stay with. I had huge respect for people that came here with nobody they could call on before, but that level of respect has grown even more now. I can only imagine how much harder it is coming over from Ireland, and trying to find a job and a roof over your head at the same time.

In between the job searching, we’ve been trying to get out and about and see as much of the city as we possibly can. That’s an easy thing in a city like New York, as there is literally no end to the sights to visit, things to do and places to eat. The hard thing is deciding which to do first.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog, but I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. And New York is literally like letting a child loose in a sweet shop. I have to constantly restrain myself from buying everything with sugar I see. Mainly because I don’t want every tooth in my head to fall out, but also because having no job at the moment means I have to be a bit smarter with the funds where possible.

I do love experiencing the different sweet treats over here though, especially when I’m out and about exploring the city. Plus, I mean, with all the walking you do in New York, you’re going to need a sugar rush every now and again, am I right? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell myself (in other words fool myself) to believe.

I’ve only been here nearly two weeks, so I’m sure I’ll discover loads more as I get to know the city better. But, here are 3 places that I’ve found already that have some delicious offerings that are perfect for when you need something sweet while out wandering. You should definitely give them a look if ever you are in New York.

Dylan’s Candy Bar


I came across Dylan’s Candy Bar in Union Square in my first couple of days here, and I couldn’t believe it when I walked in the door. There is literally every type of sweet or chocolate you can imagine. Of course, you have to exercise restraint. It’s easy to get carried away filling up a bag of all that the Dylan’s has to offer, but it can be pricey if you do. But, if you’re smart, you can get a decent selection of sweets to sample without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re feeling generous, there are also plenty of gift options here too, including a huge ceramic cupcake that you can fill to the top with sweets and chocolate. I didn’t splurge on that just yet, but once I have a job, I cannot say for certain that I won’t head back there when I can justify it.

Poke Green


I stumbled across Poke Green a couple of days ago when I was coming out of the 9/11 Museum and Memorial (an amazing experience, recounting the history of the World Trade Centre and the tragedy that befell it on 9/11, it is a must if you find yourself in Manhattan). I had almost walked by it when I spotted that they did rolled ice-cream, something that I’d been eager to try since those videos of it went viral a while back. So, despite the -12 temperatures (crazy, I know) I decided to have some. And it was delicious. You get to pick a base flavour like vanilla or chocolate or something else, then a flavour to add. At the end you can add toppings and a swirl of syrup or chocolate or a whole host of other flavours. I went with a vanilla base, with mango, topped with gummy bears and a strawberry swirl. Yum!



I only discovered Sugarfina the other day, and it is definitely one of those shops that you wouldn’t be popping down to for a cheap pack of wine gums or a milky way, what with it being a luxury candy shop. But it’s a great spot to indulge once in a while. They do a tasting offer, where you can get 5 mini bags filled with around 6-8 sweets or chocolates each for $12 dollars, and there are loads of different ones to choose from. Again, if you fancy splashing out a bit more, you can buy the various gift boxes they have on offer to. They may not be a bad shout for a gift for somebody, as lets be honest, who doesn’t love jellies or chocolates?


I’m sure I’ll be finding more places to facilitate stuffing my face while I’m here, so I’ll keep you posted as I do. Make sure to bookmark the blog, and follow along on social media. Have a good week!

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