Christmas Jumpers: More Chic than Cheesy nowadays!

Is it just me, or has everybody gone Christmas crazy earlier than ever this year? Normally I don’t acknowledge anything Christmassy until December 1st (at least) rolls around. But that old saying keeps springing to mind: If you can’t beat them, join them!

And so, today I decided I’d give in and do my first festive themed post. This one is all about the Christmas clothing staple that everybody buys for everything from lounging around the house on Christmas Day, to going on a ’12 pubs’ pub crawl: The Christmas Jumper.

In a time gone by, these were considered the ultimate piece of cheesy Christmas attire that your Dad insisted on wearing while carving up the turkey, and which you wouldn’t be caught dead in, never mind willingly venture outside the house wearing. But times have changed, and you can now find some really stylish Christmas jumpers on the market that are perfect for those that want to embrace the season and also put their best foot forward style wise. Some of the ones I’ve come across could even be worn post Christmas for a quirky twist on an outfit without looking completely ridiculous.

Of course, if it’s a case of the gaudier the better when it comes to your yuletide jumper, you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable one, as there are tonnes about. But, today I thought I’d share some that I’ve found that are decidedly more chic than cheese. They are mostly for guys, but I’ve included the occasional one that I’ve spotted for any ladies reading this too. Maybe one of these will be perfect attire for that aforementioned pub crawl whereby you endeavour to drink your own body weight in alcohol.

I especially like the first one featured here, the Grinch one. It’s designed by David Gandy. Not only is it Christmas themed (but subtle so you could even wear this year round), 50% of each purchase also goes to the Save the Children Fund, which seeks to promote the rights of, and provide aid to, the children in developing countries. So, not only do you look snazzy this Christmas, you’ll also be doing a good deed to help make the world a better place. Win Win!


Grinch David Gandy


Reindeer Music




French Connection Tree.jpgStars

Polar Bear



Red Flake


John Lewis


Reindeer White

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