Glendalough and my Bucket List

Happy Hump Day All

Hope all your weeks have been good so far. If not, we are over the worst of it, and the weekend is almost upon us again. I’ve been a bit quiet on here the last week and a bit as I’ve had some life stuff to get sorted and the motivation to write had dropped.

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed that I took a trip to Glendalough in the Wicklow National Park last weekend. Myself and a friend spontaneously decided to visit some friends in Dublin, and as Glendalough is only a short drive from their apartment (about a half hour) we decided to head there for the day before the Irish rugby and soccer games.

Glendalough is known for it’s hiking trails which always draw a crowd. The routes are of various lengths and difficulties so there is something that is sure to interest both the hardcore hiker and your average joe who just fancies a day out doing something different. The shortest is just a few kilometres, while I think one of the longest and most difficult is around 12 kilometres, with plenty of uphill walking. But it is really worth it for the breathtaking views of the Irish countryside you will experience.


I’d never been to this part of Ireland before, and I have to say, I was blown away by some of the views we got to experience. Ireland really has some beautiful landscapes and scenery, especially if you get to experience them on a nice (by nice I mean not bucketing down rain) day. We decided to walk the Orange route at Glendalough, which is just over 8km. It’s not a very hard walk if you are reasonably fit, and we decided to take that one because we only had a certain amount of time, as we were due back in Dublin to have dinner and drinks while watching the games that evening. The start is the hardest as you are going uphill, but it soon starts to level out. As I mentioned, there are other routes, and you can get a map which shows you all of them for just 0.50c when you arrive at the park.

All the pictures in this post were taken on that walk. I really love the picture of me on the bench over looking the lake at the top of this post. The place is so quiet and peaceful and the view is just incredible. If I lived around the area, I would most definitely find myself returning to it frequently when I felt like I needed a think or a brainstorm.


Being there had me thinking about things I’m doing right now and stuff I’d like to achieve in the future. Stuff I’ve got on my bucket list, if you will. After all, everybody has a bucket list, don’t they? So, for the second part of this post I thought I’d share some of the things I have on my list to complete before I kick the bucket. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some that I will remember and re-add down the line, and I’m sure there will be more to add in the future, but here are just a few things I would like to tick off if I can:

Learn to play an Instrument

I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument. In primary school, I was forced into playing tin whistle along with everybody else, but I think we literally learned two songs on it and that was it (I still remember one actually, and can play it if ever I come across a tin whistle: The Dawning of the Day). Apart from that, our musical education was pretty lacking. I’ve always said I’d love to competently be able to play the piano, so that is definitely on my list. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be easier when you are younger, but I choose to believe that anything is possible if you take your time and work at it.

Learn to write music/songs

This follows on from the above I guess. I’ve always really admired people that are able to write songs that are catchy or resonate with people, or the people that are able to compose music for stuff like TV and the movies. They take serious skill and understanding of what you are doing, so I’d like to maybe take a couple of classes or workshops to see if it would be for me, and really learn the craft.

Write a book

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved a good book. It’s something I credit my Mam for instilling in me, as she always has a pile of books on the go. I’ve always thought it would be cool to write a book, as I really belief that old saying that everybody has at least one book in them. I frequently find myself thinking about different ideas and characters and playing around with them to see what I can make of it. I also try to write my thoughts down so that I don’t forget something and can come back to it later. After all, it only takes that one spark of an idea inside your head to happen, and you could be on to a best seller. Just look at J.K. Rowling for instance. She was on benefits before the idea for Harry Potter popped into her head on the train one day, and now she has a multi-millon pound empire. Dream big, you never know what might happen.

Star in a movie

Some of you may know, that after I finished my undergraduate studies a few years ago, I decided to do a part-time acting course for 6 months at the Irish Film Academy in Dublin. ย I love TV shows, movies and theatre (although I haven’t seen much plays, which is something I also want to take in more of) and always thought acting would be fun to do. I loved the course, and I would say it helped me come out of my shell a bit, because I can be a bit shy sometimes. Around the time I was doing it actually, I got a weeks work as an extra in a film called Pilgrimage, which was partly filmed in Ireland. It starred Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal amongst others, and it was a really great experience. I also got paid for my time and put up in a hotel, so it was a win all round. I’d love to do some more actor training and get better at it, and I think I’d probably die if I was ever cast in a film, but as I already said, dream big! You never know what may happen.

Learn a new language

I’ve always had huge respect for anybody who can speak more that one language. One is hard enough so to be able to grasp different ones is a great achievement. I took French and Irish in school, which are compulsory. I’d actually love to be able to speak Irish better. I have some family members who are fluent and I have some understanding of it, but holding a conversation would be another story. It is taught horrendously in schools here in Ireland, focusing more on dreary old poetry than actually instilling the language in you. I much preferred French because it felt like I was actually learning the language and how to use it in everyday life. Of course because it was schoolwork as well, at the time I probably couldn’t be too bothered about learning it as it felt like a chore. But now I’m older and don’t have anybody forcing me to do it, I think I’d like to take steps to learning at least one other language.

Travel more

Nowadays it seems almost criminal to not try and fit more travel in. There are tonnes of places I’d love to visit and want to make more of an effort to see the world, as there is so much to see. And of course, I’d love to share the experiences on here in my own little corner of the internet. Travelling more is defiantly a must.


Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza….there are literally so many that I have to tick off my list. I’ve never managed to get into the whole festival thing. There always seemed to be something on or not having the money for a ticket. But, I am keen to rectify that in the not too distant future (hopefully!)

Live and work in New York City

I’ve been to New York twice before. Once when I was 10 and again when I was 13, and I have never been able to shake my love for the city. And especially now that I have completed my Journalism Masters, I’d absolutely love to land a media job in the city that never sleeps. I won’t say too much now , but I’m putting some plans in place at the moment that could make this a reality in the not too distant future. Watch this space.


So, those are just a few of the items on my bucket list, and I’m sure I will find more to add. Perhaps I’m being overly ambitious, but a little ambition never hurt anybody. And maybe I won’t achieve them all, but I’ll certainly give it a go. What’s on your bucket list? Feel free to drop me a comment if you like and let me know.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and remember Glendalough if you have nothing planned for this weekend and are looking for something to do.

Stephenย โœŒ๐Ÿป

3 thoughts on “Glendalough and my Bucket List

  1. Hey PotterMan, if you need someone to spellcheck your new book then give me a shout.

    I can see how you’ll get great use of French down your way and over in New York amongst all the Italians. I don’t hold out much hope for your learning a new lanaguage when you haven’t learnt much Irish until now from your 2 grandmothers, a daideรณ, 3 aunts, 3 uncles, a rake of cousins who are all fluent. Oh and 26 years living with your father who is also fluent.

    Your pictures are great. When are you going to bring me on the 12k hike?

    I’m happy if my bucket is full of coal. There’s a nip in the weather!


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