15 TV Moments that will always be hilarious

TV has the power to make us cry, make us angry and make us sad, amongst a whole host of other emotions as well. But I think it is the moments that make us laugh again and again that are truly the best and the most memorable. For this post, I thought I’d share just a few hilarious TV moments that stick in my mind, and the ones I find myself returning to every now and again for a laugh.

Gemma Collin’s EPIC fall

A most recent TV mishap, and thank god she didn’t hurt herself (much, by the looks of things anyway), but my god it was hilarious when Gemma Collins fell through a stage door at the Radio 1 Teen Awards last month. I can’t stop replaying it. She is just one of those people that you just don’t know what she will do next. And at least she seemed to see the funny side of her embarrassing moment, which was great (unless those rumours about her suing the BBC are true).

Jaime Redknapp faking an orgasm on A League of their Own

I love catching an episode of A League of their Own. It’s a bit bonkers and you are always guaranteed a laugh every episode. This moment was from the special US road trip episodes they did earlier this year, in which Jaime Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall travelled around America taking part in challenges, in which the loser would have to face a forfeit. In one episode they visit Katz’s Deli in Manhattan, where the famous “orgasm scene” from When Harry Met Sally, starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, was filmed. After losing the challenge, Redknapp has to fake an orgasm in front of diners as his forfeit. That in itself is funny, but Flintoff’s reaction is absolutely hysterical, which only makes it even more hilarious!

Linda Martin gets lucky on The Saturday Night Show

Get Lucky, that song by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, was arguably the song of the summer in 2013. But anytime I hear it now, I cannot help but think of Linda Martin’s ill-advised attempt to get down with the kids by covering it on The Saturday Night Show.ย What possessed her? And what possessed the producers of the show? This is a proper cringe moment, but it is hilarious watching the audience reactions to the performance. The song is pretty much ruined for me now though.

DAVID IS DEAD on Celebrity Big Brother

When the musical icon David Bowie died, the huge outpouring of grief across the globe was understandable. But an unlikely funny moment surrounding his death emerged in an equally unlikely place: the Celebrity Big Brother house. Bowie’s ex-wife Angie was a housemate in the reality show when she learned about her former husband’s passing. Emerging from the diary room, she reveals to fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard that “David is dead”, who immediately descends into hysterics. Why? Well, Angie in her no doubt grief-stricken state forgot to mention that it was her ex-husband David, not David Gest, another housemate in the show with them at the time, that had passed away. Chaos ensues and huge arguments kick off, but it was one of those moments where you feel like you shouldn’t laugh, but just can’t help it. (Aside from that, David Gest actually did die a couple of months later from an on-going illness, so the moment is a bit creepy now in hindsight).

Dawn the jockey on The X Factor

The X Factor may be a bit of an overproduced, sob story heavy, shit-show nowadays. But back in the earlier seasons, it had some really funny moments, this being one of them. Apprentice jockey Dawn has Sharon Osborne and Louis Walsh howling with laughter before she even sings. I kind of feel a bit bad for her, but I just can’t help but laugh at this video. Too funny!

Jennifer Ellison kicks herself in the head on Dancing on Ice

It’s safe to say that reality shows are getting more and more dangerous nowadays. Celebrities ice-skating seemed like a recipe for disaster, but it proved a hit (so much so that the show is coming back next year I hear, after a three year break). But the sport is notoriously dangerous, evidenced when dancer Jennifer Ellison managed to kick herself in the back of the head with her ice-skate during a live broadcast (that is some serious flexibility). This is another moment where thankfully everything was okay, and no lasting damage occurred, so we can look back and laugh, because while it was dangerous, it was also a guilty funny moment.

Irish Sex Education in the 1980’s

This one really needs to be seen to be believed. Imagine being a young girl in the 1980’s and having this load of rubbish presented to you as sexual education. And not only that, the woman in the video is really creepy as well as what she is talking about being hilarious! Favourite quote: “They also have a bit of a laugh, because they are the best of friends”.

Miriam Margolyes’ creamy knickers

If you haven’t seen this and don’t know what it’s about, then yes, you did read that headline correctly. Miriam Margolyes appeared on The Graham Norton Show (where she is always incredibly funny) and shared a story about how she was powerfully affected the first time she met the actor Laurence Olivier. Matthew Perry’s face is the picture of discomfort and it is absolutely hilarious. The woman has absolutely no filter!

Nadine Coyle’s Passport

“Mammy, I forgot me passport”. There is probably not a person in Ireland who isn’t familiar with this. Nadine Coyle managed to make it into the band Six, created on the Irish version of Popstars in 2001. But, it emerged she had lied about her age, saying she was 18 when in fact she was 16. This video showing the whole affair is so funny because you would swear someone had poisoned them all the drama was so high, and Nadine Coyle’s accent is beyond hilarious. She was eventually booted out of the band for breaking the rules, but sure as we know, it all worked out for in the end. She made it into Girls Aloud, had a string of hit singles and albums, and made millions. The “I forgot me passport” joke still lives on today.

Katie Hopkins is put in her place on This Morning

Katie Hopkins is pretty much the human equivalent of Marmite. You either love her or hate her. She’s a loudmouth and loves a good argument about something. I’m sure everyone remembers this moment. During a debate on whether it was okay to judge a child by their name, and whether some names signalled low class, her entire argument collapses when she says she can’t stand geographically inspired names, but host Philip Schofield reminds her that her daughter is called…India. Her face dropping is priceless.

Madonna Falls on Stage

Let’s be honest, people falling is funny. People falling in public is even funnier. But people falling on stage is priceless and one of the best has to be Madonna getting caught in her cape and falling at the Brit Awards in 2015. Thank god again that she wasn’t hurt, especially seeing as she was pushing 60 when it happened. And huge props to her for getting straight back up as if it never happened and carrying on. But you couldn’t help but laugh.

Bradley Walsh losing it on The Chase

You’ll find plenty of clips on YouTube of Bradley Walsh struggling to keep his composure on The Chase. But this is one of the best. He initially looks like he will be able to keep it together, but it steadily descends into laughter, and soon everyone else is in fits as well. If you don’t laugh at this I don’t know what to say!

Horse Trainer gets a little overzealous at the Leopardstown Races

It happens us all. When you win something big, you get a bit over-excited and say and do things without thinking. We likely don’t tell Tracey Piggott on national telly how we plan to celebrate a big win at the races by having “fuckin’ sex tonight and everything” though. Complete comedy gold, and I don’t know how Tracey managed to keep it together and try to continue the interview. A complete pro. I’d have cracked up.

Phil and Fern Dunking Beef on This Morning

The best part of watching This Morning is when the presenters make funny statements, innuendo or mess up and struggle to keep their composure on live TV. This is probably one of the most famous times when old host Fern Britton says Philip Schofield “doesn’t mind dunking a bit of beef”, before both collapse in fits of laughter. It’s always funny when presenters screw up on a serious live TV show.

Lateysha’s dress splits live on air.

Lateysha Grace was a surprisingly popular contestant during her time on the 17th series of Big Brother in 2016, before she was evicted in a shock twist. But perhaps her most memorable moment from her time with the series was when she appeared on the side show, Bit on the Side.ย Let this video be a lesson to all, twerking in really tight clothes could end in disaster for you, but in hilarity for everyone else.


What are your favourite TV moments? Let me know in the comments or follow along on social media. Have a great weekend!






2 thoughts on “15 TV Moments that will always be hilarious

  1. This list shows how your mind works Steve – a great sense of humour with a twist of sadistic thrown in. Dawn the jockey was good but Sharon banging her head off the door was hilarious. And poor Jennifer splitting her head open, well that just shows your cruel, sadistic side. You deserve to be seated beside a Fanny Chmelar all the way to the States…


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